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How Did China Create the World’s Biggest Online Shopping Day?

January 3, 2017

The largest eCommerce shopping day in the world is hosted by the Chinese company Alibaba. Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sales were up 32% from 2015 and 82% of consumers made purchases…

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Not PCI-Compliant? It’s a Risky Move for Your Business

December 28, 2016

Here’s the truth: Any business that accepts credit card payments needs to be PCI-compliant. Why? Because if your business is non-compliant and a customer’s cardholder data is compromised as result…

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Top 3 States That Take the Longest to Pay Their Bills

December 27, 2016

While late B2B payments are common across the United States, Alabama, Florida and Nevada, rank in the top three. These states take an average of 15 days past their due…

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Processing Payments Through Infintech Buys More Than Just Savings

December 27, 2016

Even for those who love their job, it’s not always easy to muster up the motivation to do better and be better. But when you’ve built your business from the…

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Make a Payment with the Blink of an Eye

December 27, 2016

Fingerprints and selfies aren’t the only biometric ways to make a payment. Now, some consumers can pay by phone with a simple scan of their eye, reports Digital Transactions. Recently,…

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Our 10 Most Popular Card Talk Stories of 2016

December 15, 2016

From the status of the EMV Liability Shift to mobile apps that allow consumers to pay with a selfie, a lot has happened in the payments industry this year. And we’ve…

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Black Friday Takeaway: Chip Card Use Is on the Rise

December 6, 2016

Consumers made more than half of Black Friday purchases with a chip card, per a report from Cayan LLC, a Boston-based payments provider. Cayan’s analysis included more than 935,000 transactions made…

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Stop Chasing Patient Payments

December 2, 2016

Ponder this: Does my practice or hospital spend valuable time chasing payments? If you answered “yes,” then your healthcare organization could benefit from a Credit Card on File program. “Once…

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How Will Trump’s Presidency Affect Dodd-Frank?

November 16, 2016

The Dodd-Frank Act, a U.S. federal law that allows the government to regulate the financial industry, may evolve soon. The President elect’s transition website reveals that he plans to dismantle…

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Apple Pay Now Available Online: What It Means for eCommerce

November 11, 2016

Do any of your customers take advantage of Apple Pay? They might very soon – but not in the way you’d expect. In September, Apple released a new feature, Apple…

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