Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Payment Processing Member Program

The Nashville Area Chamber has partnered with Infintech to offer an exclusive new benefit program that provides lower credit card processing rates to all participating members.

A Smarter Way to Process Payments
When it comes to payment processing, obtaining the best rates from credit card companies has a big impact on your bottom line.  This Nashville Area Chamber benefit makes it easier to protect your business with the best rates and services, and to maximize profits by saving money in the process.

Program Features
Infintech focuses on optimizing your company’s payment environment.  The result is more efficient processing solutions at a fraction of the original cost.  With Infintech, your business can:

  • Reduce or eliminate acceptance fees with exclusive rates and processing solutions
  • Offer flexible transaction capabilities that cater to consumer purchasing preferences
  • Add shopping carts and electronic payment acceptance functions with versatile e-commerce gateways
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure for seamless transaction and donation processing

Additional options and services include:

  • Trusted electronic networks for secure, compliant payment processing
  • Data to identify, find and keep your best customers
  • Hardware and software tools to integrate with your POS system
  • Virtual credit card machines that access payment systems in the cloud
  • Mobile processing for transactions swiped or keyed with portable devices
  • Credit card terminals with eCommerce software enhancement for digital shopping capabilities
  • Gift card options for exclusive payment forms
  • EFT/ACH payment systems that replaces paper checks with bank-to-bank transfers

Partnering for the Future
Infintech partners with various business groups, chambers and associations to leverage power in numbers, lowering fees across the board and growing a robust support network for all participating organizations while supporting the needs of the chambers and associations themselves.

They’re here to learn about your business, its current needs and future plans before recommending solutions for longevity, because it’s not about margins.  It’s about consistency.

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