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SeCURE Payments: Saving money to save lives

Companies that use SeCURE Payments can save up to 40 percent on processing costs, and Infintech will donate 25 percent of all net processing revenue earned through SeCURE Payments to The Cure Starts Now.

Saving More Than Money
The Cure Starts Now Cancer Foundation has teamed up with Infintech, a payment processing company, to create SeCURE Payments, a payment processing donation program designed to fund the research and development of new cancer treatments.

We’re All-In 
Any business that accepts credit cards is eligible to participate, and SeCURE Payments will even match or beat current processing rates to get more businesses to join the cause. Eric Fette of Infintech will help all interested companies begin their transition to the SeCURE Payments program with a free cost analysis.

To learn more, contact Ken Harwell at or 513-395-9483.

The Cure Starts Now

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