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Latest News and Insights From Various Industries

SMBs at Risk When Not TLS Compliant

July 26, 2018

TLS adoption is lagging among SMBs due to the lack of financial resources and because compliance has not become an important part of their business culture.

Infintech’s Honesty Wins Over Customer

July 26, 2018

In our Merchant of the Month series, we highlight a fire protection merchant who enjoys processing with us so much they want to share that experience.

Supreme Court Sides with American Express on Merchant Fees

July 26, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court sided with American Express on upholding a provision that prohibits merchants from persuading shoppers to use lower fee credit cards.

Dynamic CVV Cards Could Fight Fraud

July 26, 2018

A dynamic CVV code means a criminal may obtain the card number but will be unable to verify the CVV because it will have changed, helping to stop the fraud.

Lower Cost Digital Payments Yield Opportunity for SMBs

July 26, 2018

Digital payments come with an additional appeal: lower costs. The average cost of processing are 57% lower than for non-digital payments.

Virtual Cards Offer Solutions for B2B Payments

June 21, 2018

The virtual cards framework can provide enhanced critical features like improved security (due to their one-time-use) and more user-friendly processes.

Credit Card Acceptance Helps Restaurant Grow

June 21, 2018

After working with Infintech my business began to grow significantly – and I can directly attribute it to credit card acceptance.

4 Significant Digital Trends of 2018

June 21, 2018

This year is significant with major digital trends including privacy, China’s commerce, gig employment and AI, as well as healthcare for 2018.

6 Steps to Protect Your Business from ID Theft

June 21, 2018

Protect your business and your clients’ financial data by averting anything critical leading to disaster that could ruin your business’ success.

Visa Aims to Standardize Digital Checkout

June 21, 2018

Visa is launching its Visa Digital Commerce Program in an effort to simplify the digital checkout experience and create a consistent, compatible standard.

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