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Latest News and Insights From Various Industries

Mobile Payment Efforts Improve Healthcare Outlook

September 16, 2019

For the healthcare industry, mobile payments and the 5G network may make the healthcare ecosystem better for all those involved.

Education is a Game Changer for this Business

September 16, 2019

This print shop not only received great processing rates, but also learned best practices for their business by working with Infintech.

B2B Payments Streamlined by ePayables

September 16, 2019

ePayables is set to improve B2B payments and is gaining traction among financial leaders.

Cash May No Longer Be King

September 16, 2019

Businesses and consumers are avoiding cash payments in favor of electronic payments. And this trend may lead to cash significantly declining in the coming years.

Infintech Offers More Than Just Savings

August 19, 2019

On top of the significant savings, this business also discovered that Infintech offered better security and fraud protection for their business.

Achieving PCI Compliance is Worth It

August 19, 2019

For all merchants, achieving and maintaining PCI compliance can be daunting and time consuming, but it is worth the effort to keep your business safe.

B2B Payments – What’s in Store for the Future?

August 19, 2019

In 2019, the introduction of new technologies in the B2B industry offer the potential to put an end to the reconciliation headaches that have persisted for decades.

Restaurants See Profits from Mobile Payment Option

August 19, 2019

When merchants offer a mobile payment option to their clients, a restaurant enhances the customer experience and ultimately reaps better profits.

Merchants Can Reduce Costs with Level III Processing

July 22, 2019

If your company accepts business credit cards, you can qualify for better rates when utilizing Level III data collection.

4 Tips to Help Protect Your Business from Hackers

July 22, 2019

It is important that your business takes the proper steps to protect its confidential information. Here are some helpful tips to help thwart hackers.

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