Infintech and RICS Software: A Seamless Partnership


For more than nine years, Infintech has partnered with RICS Software, a POS and inventory management software, to offer their users a solution for accepting e-payments. Hundreds of RICS Software users have taken advantage of the partnership benefits and have improved their business’s bottom-line with minimal effort needed.

In a question and answer session with Jason Becker, CEO at RICS Software, Infintech digs deeper into the partnership and why it has been successful for almost a decade.

Q: How does Infintech help your clients?

A: Our retail clients who use RICS’ POS and Inventory Management solutions have a better experience with integrated credit card processing. Infintech’s implementation and service experience for our shared customers is excellent in its consistency and reliability.

Q: What makes Infintech and RICS partnership so great?

A: We trust and believe in the Infintech team to help our clients save money on their credit card processing and add more money to their earnings.

Q: Do you have any specific examples of times when Infintech went above and beyond?

A: We’ve had clients – small and large – with concerns about their payment processing fees and statements. For example, a single store client was very frustrated by a perceived unfairness of rates. Infintech advisors participated in several calls and provided ample materials to explain how the credit card processing industry works and how Infintech’s rates work. They went above and beyond to educate our client. We were grateful that Infintech invested so much time and effort to help a shared customer – even though this client is only a small part of Infintech’s overall business. This is just one example of how Infintech has exceeded our expectations with their outstanding customer service.

Q: What is your favorite part about working with Infintech?

A: Ken Harwell, Payment Processing Advisor, and the entire Infintech team, provide exceptional client service to our shared customers. They explain how their process and pricing works with complete transparency.

After almost a decade, Infintech and RICS Software continue to help RICS users, and improve the success of the program. “Partnerships have to be two-sided and that is why Infintech and RICS work so well together. It is a seamless partnership”, says Ken Harwell, RICS Software’s dedicated Infintech advisor.

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