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We make it easier for your business partners to pay you and lower your credit card rates in the meantime. So you can focus on what matters most — growing your business.

Our Solutions

  • Accounting and ERP Software Integration
  • Level 3 and Large Ticket Processing
  • Next-Day Funding*
  • Comprehensive PCI Program
  • Simple Reporting and Deposit Reconsiliation
  • Virtual Terminals and Mobile Processing

*Some restrictions apply

  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Custom Online Payment Pages
  • Live, Dedicated Support

What Our Merchants Have to Say

Al C., Owner

Colorado Springs, CO

“I am a small business owner who had struggled to find a credit card processor who cared about my business and offered concrete solutions to rising processing costs. After our initial conversation, Infintech looked at my processing history. They performed a cost-savings analysis and uncovered all the hidden fees that were taking money from my bottom line. They compared this to their cost structure to show me real savings. They were very transparent and explained anything that I didn’t understand. After switching to Infintech, our processing fees dropped significantly. I also saw a faster turnaround in funds being deposited into my account, and I spent less time on annual reporting. Infintech offered solutions that were realistic and meaningful to improving my business.”

Mark H., CEO

Cincinnati, OH

"About 90% or more of our clients use credit cards to pay their monthly retainer for our digital marketing services. It didn’t take long to get all the credit cards transferred over to the new system and we saw significant savings right away. In addition to the lower rates, we love their customer service. If we have an issue, we can call and talk with a real person that we know. Our last payment processor had a random support number and you never knew the quality you were going to get on the phone."

Lehua D., Accounts Receivable Manager

Pearl City, HI

"Initially, I did not want to switch to Infintech because we are a growing company, and we thought the transition would be brutal. However, the projected savings persuaded me to support the switch from our old processor. More importantly, the staff has been fabulous.  We had multiple training sessions and every single trainer was patient and informative. The transition to Infintech was a breeze for all our locations."

Donna A., Controller

Austin, TX

"The onboarding phase with Infintech from initial contact through implementation was handled in a thorough and professional manner. Our payment processing advisor, Jason Wood, provided just the right level of contact and follow-up. Also, the exercise of accepting credit card payments has become streamlined and easy to use. Filling an application, adding customers to our system, and emailing receipts is now a painless process and we appreciate that."

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