Better Rates Are Possible. We’ll Show You How.

From point-of-sale systems to affordable payment plans and HSA payment acceptance, we have the custom-fit solution to make it easy for your patients to pay you.

Our Solutions

  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Next-Day Funding*
  • Help Facilitate HSA Payments
  • Seamless Software Integration
  • American Express OptBlue
  • Virtual Terminals
  • Comprehensive PCI Program
  • EMV Equipment
  • Live, Dedicated Support

*Some restrictions apply.

What Our Merchants Have to Say

Sonya K., Office Manager

Dayton, OH

"I was looking for a local credit card processing company with high satisfactory ratings. Customer reviews speak volumes, so I did my due diligence. Nick Carey just happened to reach out to me to discuss payment processing so not only was his timing perfect, but Infintech had the best reviews out there. Processing with Infintech meant I would stop experiencing price gouging and my business would save money. After seeing a side-by-side comparison of our previous provider’s rates and Infintech’s rates, the switch was a no-brainer."

Dr. Kauffman

Loveland, OH

“I chose to work with Infintech because I had many frustrations with our previous payment processing partner. They did not help me run my business efficiently and it took the focus off what matters most – my patients. With Infintech, I no longer worry because I know I am in good hands. Infintech has not only saved me money on card acceptance, but they have given me the ability to focus on my patients first and foremost.”

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