arvc Payment Processing Member Program

A Smarter Way to Process Payments

When it comes to payment processing, obtaining the best rates from credit card companies has a big impact on your bottom line. That's why arvc decided to partner with Infintech, a credit card processor who makes it easier for members to protect their business with the best rates and services available.

Program Features

Infintech focuses on optimizing your company’s payment environment.  The result is more efficient processing solutions at a fraction of the original cost.  With Infintech, your business receives:

  • Reduced, credit card processing rates
  • Secure, PCI-compliant processing
  • EMV chip card equipment
  • Hardware and software with POS integration
  • Virtual credit card machines
  • Mobile processing capabilities
  • Digital shopping options
  • EFT/ACH payment systems

Partnering for the Future

Infintech partners with various business groups, chambers and associations to leverage power in numbers to lower fees across the board and grow a robust support network for all participating members while supporting the chambers and associations.

Infintech's goal is to learn about your business, its current needs and future plans before recommending solutions for longevity, because it’s not about margins.  It’s about consistency.

To learn more, contact Russ Rybolt at or 615-881-6566.

arvc Payment Processing Member Program

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