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Payment Processing Member Program

RICS Software has partnered with Infintech to offer an exclusive benefit program that provides lower credit card processing rates to all participating members.

A Smarter Way to Process Payments

This member benefit makes it easier to protect your business with the best rates and services. Plus, it provides a turn-key solution for accepting electronic payments directly through RICS enterprise, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your profits.

Best-in-Class Services
Infintech learns about your business – its current needs and future plans – to deliver the customized solution you need. This means more efficient processing solutions at a fraction of the original cost.  With Infintech, your business gets:

  • Dedicated service and support
  • RICS integrated gateway features
  • Transparent pricing (no hidden fees or processor rate increases)
  • Refunded interchange
  • Next-day funding*
  • American Express OptBlue
  • Customer insight data
  • PCI compliance

*Restrictions apply.

Start Saving Today

To learn more, contact RICS Payment Specialist Ken Harwell at ken.harwell@infintechllc.com or 513-395-9483.

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