Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce

Because we’ll save you time (and money).

The Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Infintech to provide its members with infinitely better credit card processing.

It’s true — our smart technology will save you time and headaches.

What’s more, we’re known for our transparency and exceptional customer service.

Other program benefits include:

  • Live, human customer support: A live, dedicated person answers every phone call.
  • Education: A leader in this industry since 2005, Infintech believes in educating and counseling merchants on all processing matters.
  • Smart technology: From software integration to security compliance, our experts will ensure you have the optimal set-up for your needs.
  • Pre-negotiated rates: Save up to 40% on your processing fees.

To learn more, contact Matt Valego at or 270-683-3475.

Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce

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