Infintech’s Smart Terminal Makes It Easier to Get Paid

Smart Terminal by Poynt

Imagine this: Your customer is checking out and their bill is $250 more than expected.

They gawk. They sigh. And soon, they’re throwing a fit.

The kicker? A new client is standing behind them. Yikes.

With Infintech’s Smart Terminal, you can implement checkout from the exam-room and avoid the situation altogether.

Additional features include:

  • Single slot for mag stripe and chip cards
  • NFC reader, which enables short-range communication between compatible devices
  • Two screens (one for the merchant and one for the consumer)
  • Built-in printer and scanner
  • Ethernet port
  • 8-hour battery (which allows for portability)

Plus, it’s compatible with nearly every payment option currently in use.

Learn More about Our Smart Terminal:

Contact Infintech online or give us a call at 1-800-621-8931.

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