Meet Your Customers Wherever Life Takes Them

If your business has pivoted to curbside, takeout, or delivery because of COVID-19, Infintech’s Vital card reader pivots with you. It links to your mobile device via Bluetooth and accepts mag-stripe and chip cards that make it easier and safer for consumers to make payments.

Relief Program Pricing

2.6% + $0.06 for Swiped Transactions*

$10 Set-up Fee - WAIVED

$10 Monthly Fee - WAIVED until August 31**

Infintech Mobile Solutions

Powered by Vital

  • Connectivity for Bluetooth
  • User-friendly interface for iOS & Android
  • Set percentage amount for tips and multiple tax rates
  • Cloud-based inventory and item tracking
  • Real-time reporting dashboard

Benefits for Small Business Owners

Inventory Management
  • Import/Export Inventory Catalog
  • Category/subcategory/Groups
  • Item Available and Pricing by Store
  • Top Selling Items Reporting
Pricing and Discounts
  • Manual Discounts – Create at time of use
  • Profit Margin Reporting
Taxes and Tax Reporting
  • Multiple Tax Rates by Items
  • Tax Reports
Customer Payments
  • Accepts Signature Credit and Debit Cards
  • Cash Payment Tracking
  • Mutli-Tender Payments
  • Cashier or In-Line Tipping
  • Full Order Refunds
  • Sales Reports
  • Shift and Batch Reports
Employee Management
  • PIN Login for Employees
  • Multi-User Access
  • User Access/Restrictions by Location
  • Configurable User Roles and Permissions

Let Our Mobile Solution Improve Your Business Today!

Vital POS

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Additional Details:

  • One FREE EMV reader per merchant number
  • Additional reader cost is $49 (includes shipping)
  • Manually-entered transactions will be charged 3.5% + $0.25 for Visa/Mastercard/Discover
  • Designed for merchants with less than $50,000 in annual Visa/Mastercard/Discover processing volume
  • *Swiped transactions apply to Visa/Mastercard/Discover
  • **$10 monthly fee covers PCI, customer and app support - Effective September 1, 2020, standard monthly fees will resume