Touch-Free Payment Acceptance

2020 is the year Americans make the move to contactless payments. In face-to-face retail and hospitality, tap-to-pay technology and taking payment via phone is faster and more convenient for consumers. And now, due to COVID-19, it’s also safer. As always, Infintech is here to help merchants prepare, pivot, and prosper. 

What Are Contactless Payments?

Contactless payments are secure transactions in which consumers pay by holding their credit card, debit card, or phone near a payment terminal. Cards with the contactless symbol contain the technology. Smartphones, watches, and rings with cards stored and activated in mobile wallet apps can also be used to make contactless payments.


Point-of-Sale Systems

Infintech’s POS processing solutions are ideal for business looking for secure, effective point-of-sale transactions. We integrate with virtually any POS software and offer standalone terminals that complement your business.


Point-of-Sale Features

  • Accepts cards, checks, cash and gift cards
  • Use robust reporting and analytics
  • Add items to your POS and manage inventory in real time
  • Manage customer data and send digital receipts
  • Manage online and offline orders from your POS

Does My Terminal Accept Contactless Payments?

Infintech is working hard to ensure merchants have as many tools as possible to keep doing business while staying safe.

To help merchants add contactless payments with their face-to-face transaction options, we’re conducting complimentary, one-on-one check-ups. 

Simply fill out the form below and an Infintech rep will be in touch to help you:

1.  determine if your payment terminals have contactless capability.

2.  activate the contactless feature if it’s not already activated.

3.  step through the process of accepting contactless payments.

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